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Making magic out of wood, metal,
and memories since 2006.


Excellent Adventure

A little bit about Excellent Adventure

A little bit about Excellent Adventure:

imageA voice-reactive audio-visual laser-blastin’ phone booth experience. Excellent Adventure honors the phone booth as a metropolitan icon, and explores its potential as a sensory experience askew from our expectations of its form. The two booths of Excellent Adventure use focused beams of visible light to transmit voice data from one to the other, and inbuilt dynamic lighting to pulse and fade through the spectrum in response to the tone and volume of the call being received. In this way the booths quite literally “color” conversation, divorcing the experience of telephonics from awkward, one-dimensional expectations. Interactions with Excellent Adventure remind participants that the spectacle and miracle of the metropolis is squarely rooted in our ability to connect with each other.

Excellent Adventure will be installed on the playa at Burning Man 2010.

The complete project proposal is available here. You can also see progress blog entries for this project by searching for the tag “Excellent Adventure” on blog.carbonworkshop.com, or clicking here.

Funded in part by Burning Man, and truly made possible by your support and donations.

For more information contact Gustavo Huber and Shelly Brown at: bm10 at carbonworkshop.com

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